Yonkers, NY

New York State’s fourth largest city is in the midst of a renaissance. You may have noticed the hip art galleries, boutique shops, gastropubs and chic restaurants popping up throughout the area. New York City’s vibe is moving north and blending with Yonker’s relaxed, entrepreneurial spirit creating a unique energy that is all its own. Add to that the jaw-dropping palisades and river views from brand new and updated waterfront parks and you quickly see why Yonkers is a place that is worthy of your time.

On the water and In the action

Yonkers, NY Properties

Up and Down and All Around

Yonkers, NY

A key attribute that makes Yonkers so attractive is its proximity to NYC and destinations North. The Metro-North commuter rail runs along the bucolic Hudson River and provides a quick and easy 30-minute commute to Grand Central. It’s actually quicker to get to Manhattan from Yonkers than Williamsburg! Plus, there are multiple highway options running North and South and East and West. Getting to Vermont or the Catskills from Brooklyn is a bear to say the least. But living in Yonkers gets you on the road further North, missing all that inner city traffic. Whether your plan is staying in town or getting out of dodge, Yonkers is the right place for you.

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