While holidays can be welcome breaks from work, they can also be stressful in their own ways. When it comes to hosting guests in your apartment during this busy time of year, we’ve put together some tips to help make entertaining them both fun and relatively stress-free.

The real key to apartment hosting is starting as early as possible. It also helps to know how many people you’ll be having so you can plan ahead accordingly.

Let’s go through a few things you can do right now and not have to worry about them again until your guests are gone.

Treat yourself to some new home goods 

Take inventory of your cooking supplies. Have you been wanting a new frying pan, or missing baking or roasting pans? Do you not have enough table linens and place settings for a crowd? Now is a great excuse to head on over to your local home goods store and treat yourself to something you will use to cook for and serve guests with. While you are there you can get some new kitchen towels and festive decorations that will make your apartment feel spruced up for the holidays and make you smile.

Look up recipes

Sitting around watching football this month? Why not multi-task at same time and begin looking up recipes for what you will prepare for the big occasion. If you are making apple pie for the first time, why not do a test run now? Bring it into the office for a surprise if you don’t want to eat it yourself. Plus, there are some parts of a big meal that you can prepare ahead and freeze, like green bean casserole, sausage stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin and banana bread and more. Get a head start now. 

Prepare your linens

Have clean towels for your guests. It’s often a good idea to separate any items reserved just for them into an individual basket. Never hurts to have an extra toothbrush or other often forgotten toiletry items thrown in. A magazine for them to browse about the New York and Connecticut area is a nice added touch. 

If you’re planning on having guests stay overnight, make sure the bed linens are all set in the room they’ll be using. Have an extra blanket available for them. Give both the bathroom and their guest area a thorough cleaning now (and another once-over when their arrival date nears).

Prepare Your Living Area

Making sure your apartment living area is neat and clean is a great way to instantly make your guests feel right at home. Allow for an area for their luggage to be stowed away during their stay and ideally empty a drawer for their use. Arrange any seating areas to accommodate your total guest count with as much individual space as possible for everyone.

The Day of Arrival

When your company is on their way, there are several things you can do to make their arrival much more welcoming. Have a meal (or at least some snacks) ready to eat as they walk in the door and stock your kitchen with additional items you know they like.

You’ll also want to make sure your kitchen is as clean as possible when they arrive, even if that just means putting all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and quickly tidying up.

Relax and Enjoy Your Company

One of the most important things to remember about hosting guests is to actually relax and enjoy their company once they arrive. If you’re stressing out about them being there, they will pick up on it and it will be much more difficult for everyone to let their hair down. Don’t forget to show off your RMS apartment building. Bring them to your amenity space to play a game of pool or watch a big game.

Do the prep work now, so you can sit back and spend quality time with your guests and a glass of wine once the party starts.

We hope this article has given you some helpful tips on getting your apartment ready to host guests during the holidays for maximum enjoyment and minimal stress.

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