Before the days begin to get shorter and the temperatures begin to drop, it’s a good idea to begin preparing your apartment (and your routines) so you can get as healthy as possible before fall starts.

In fact, as a New York or Connecticut renter, you might be surprised at just how easy it is to make just a few adjustments to your living space in order to make your new healthy habits feel right at home as the back to school season begins.

Here are some simple and easy ways to get pre-fall healthy:

Stock Your Apartment with Healthy Food

Whether it’s stocking your refrigerator with orange juice for vitamin C, yogurt for probiotics, or just loading up on purified water to stay hydrated, having your apartment stocked with healthy foods and drinks will go a long way toward boosting your immune system before the cold sets in.

Enjoy the Remaining Sunshine

Before apartment living becomes a substitute for playing outdoors, it’s a good idea to soak up all the sunshine you can while it’s still there for the taking. In addition to creating some lasting final summer memories, it’s also a great source of vitamin D, which will soon be in much shorter supply!

Get Some Outdoor Exercise

Before your apartment gym becomes your go-to fitness option, grab a frisbee or football and some friends and get some outdoor exercise while the going is still good.

Develop Your Fall and Winter Goals Now

If you do find yourself enjoying some apartment living downtime, why not use it to create a list of goals you plan to tackle once fall and winter set in? This might include a simple cleaning of your apartment or some longer-term goals you can focus on while enjoying the great indoors. If nothing else, this will at least keep your mind active and healthy.

Keep Your Apartment Candy Free (For Now…)

We saved the worst for last. While it might be tempting to begin stashing sweets around your apartment as they begin popping up, resist this urge as much as possible and stick to the healthy stuff for now. If possible, have a roommate hold your accountable to eat healthy at least until Halloween shows up!

As a renter, we hope this article has given you some productive ideas on how to update your apartment and your habits to get as healthy as possible before fall officially kicks off.

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