Hosting friends for a turkey dinner can be one of the most enjoyable social events of the holiday season. And as you’ll see, this can be done just as easily in your RMS Rental apartment as in a home. Below are some tips on hosting the perfect Thanksgiving with friends in your own place.

Making Space

You might be surprised just how many people you can comfortably host with a few small adjustments to your RMS apartment space. Larger pieces of furniture like couches and dinner tables that can seat more people should be made prominent and placed along walls to allow for movability. You could also move smaller furniture into your bedroom and replace it with folding chairs in the main area.

Cook Before Your Guests Arrive

The last thing you want to be doing while entertaining a large number of guests is cooking simultaneously. That’s why it’s a great idea to do all your major meal prep before your friends arrive and keep the number of dishes you serve to a minimum. This means that food will be ready as they walk in the door and you’ll have more time to play the good host.

Stock Up On Food and Drink

In addition to any dishes you prepare, also have plenty of snacks around for guests to nibble on. Opting for one or two signature drinks can also decrease the amount of space needed and greatly reduce your bartending duties. This creates an enjoyable atmosphere and happy guests.

Don’t be shy to have each friend bring something

Delegate some overflow items to your friends who will be happy to add to the festivities with something, plus helps share in the budget of hosting. A side salad or bowl of cut fruit is always a good thing to ask for, so your guest can prepare that at their place first. This will take a time-consuming portion off your plate, and makes your tasks to entertain more approachable for you.

Keep It Simple and Use Surface Spaces

Let go of any grandiose plans for your Friendsgiving party and just keep it simple. Invite a manageable number of people, cook a few simple dishes, and make sure there’s place of food and drink. Also have plenty of places to comfortably sit. Use any available surfaces for food and drink placements, which could include countertops, fireplace mantles, and even windowsills. You want your company to feel relaxed and welcome so they can enjoy the party, and keeping it simple makes the entire event that much easier.

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