It’s been proven that people with pets live longer and happier lives. And that includes not only dogs, but the companionship of cats, fish, lizards, and so many others. Pets offer emotional benefits while offering a sense of family, security and comfort.

And then there’s the increased levels of overall happiness and well-being that pets bring into their owners’ lives. New pet owners have been shown to experience more laughter and an increased desire to socialize soon after getting their pets. Having a pet nearby seems to be a consistent “mood enhancer” for people and a constant source of joy and entertainment.

Pet owners routinely experience less depression, anxiety, and stress in their lives than non-pet owners. In fact, many rehabilitation clinics recommend that patients get a pet as part of their treatment programs and even allow pets in their facilities. That’s definitely worth cleaning up a little dog hair!

You enjoy numerous health benefits as well, when you have a pet. From lower blood pressure and a boosted immune system, to a decreased risk of heart attack and stroke, the list of physical benefits just keeps growing. Post-surgery patients have even reported less need for pain medication when their pet was around afterward.


Pets demand you stay active, too. Pets require your attention, play time, bath time and for dog owners, the daily exercise of daily walks is a great incentive to stay in shape. An added plus is the ease of meeting new friends when you are out walking your dog, too.

At RMS Rentals we love our pet owners. Pets make great roommates and provide a daily scheduled routine for their owners. Give your pet a cuddle today.

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