A fitness center paves the way for a healthy lifestyle and that is why we built a fitness center at each of our rental properties. The RMS Fitness Centers are stocked with state of the art equipment and a certified trainer from FIT Solutions can help design workouts.

The certified trainers work with residents on a personal fitness plan. There is a schedule of when they will be available at each of the properties. Adding even one workout per week has benefits not only for muscles, but also for mood!

What will you find in our fitness centers?

Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines provide the cardio workout of running without the impact on the joints. By using the moving arm handles, you replicate the pumping motion of running and strengthen the upper body.


Treadmills are the most flexible of fitness machines for any speed of walking or running. Some people add an incline to the treadmill to intensify the workout.

Dumbbell and weight rack

If you want to pump a little iron, there are multiple weights and a variety of exercises to tone the upper body.

Circuit Machines

Circuit training targets strength building or muscular endurance. The machines help with body conditioning through resistance training using high-intensity. A “circuit” is when you complete all of the prescribed exercises in a program on particular machines.

The exciting news is that you don’t need the additional expense of a gym because we have everything right here. And with a certified fitness trainer, you have help creating a workout tailored to your fitness goals and needs! Learn more about RMS amenities today.