It’s about to be that time of year when the weather can get blistering cold and you just want to stay inside and be snug. To help, here are a few ideas on how to stay cozy and enjoy the great indoors as temperatures begin to drop.

Binge Watch Your Favorite Show

If you’ve been eager to sit back and binge watch your favorite show, this is the best time to do it. With outdoor activities pretty much off limits, this can be your chance to finally get caught up on an old favorite or check out that new series you’ve heard so much about.


Enjoy Our Common Areas

Our RMS rental apartments boast wonderful common areas with different activities for residents to enjoy. This is the perfect time to invite some friends over and take advantage of the often overlooked billiards, board games, movie screening areas in your complex.


Improve Your Culinary Skills or Bake a Cake

If you’ve been excited to try out that new recipe or just upgrade your skills in the kitchen, this is the perfect chance to do it. Cold weather provides the opportunity to learn to make new dishes that can keep you well-nourished and warm. Or take this time to bake a batch of your grandma’s favorite cookie recipe that she handed down. Your apartment will feel cozy and smell delicious. You can also apply your new cooking and baking skills long after the cold temperatures have passed.


Start Planning Your Vacation

Planning a vacation can be both exciting and frustrating. But cold weather gives you the chance to dive in and finally plan that dream vacation you’ve been thinking about. Having something to focus on and look forward to also makes handling the frigid temperatures that much easier. Get going and research your next trip online.


Grab A Blanket And A Good Book

Sometimes the best way to handle the cold is to just surrender under a blanket with a good book (and your favorite hot beverage of course). If you have a novel that you thought was too long to get started on, this is the best time to read it. Once you sit down you will find the chapters just flying by. Interest your friends in the same book, and form a book club!

Our RMS apartments are warm and cozy. Enjoy some indoor time.

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