Apartment living is all about making the most with the space you have, even in the fridge. That’s why RMS Rentals put together this list of four easy hacks to free up space in your fridge. That way you’ll be able to fit in all your favorite groceries, know exactly where the ketchup is, and avoid those less-than-savory discoveries of long forgotten leftovers. Here’s what we’ve got.

Condiments, meet Egg Carton — Good Eats host and gastro-scientist extraordinaire, Alton Brown shared this tip on his YouTube channel. Use an egg carton to consolidate your condiments on your refrigerator door. Not only does this offer easy visual organization so you can reach the relish exactly when you need, it also makes sauces and spreads more convenient to use. The upside-down orientation means your condiments are squeeze-ready right out of the fridge. No more shaking or tapping for that last precious drop.

Lazy Susan, Anything but Lazy — Let’s face it, when our refrigerators get packed we sometimes forget what’s in back. When the zip-lock bag is out of sight, tomorrow’s lunch can turn into next month’s biohazardous science experiment. Well maybe not that bad, but no one ever wants mold to get to their food before they do. That’s why we recommend using a Lazy Susan on your fridge racks to keep your groceries in sight and top of mind. No more wondering what might be lurking in the back, just give it a spin and grab a snack!

Lofty Ideas for your Bottles — Glass bottles can get unruly in your fridge. Their round bases and tapered necks make stacking too tough, and they don’t quite fit in with milk cartons or tupperware boxes. Strong Like Bull Magnets saw this problem and decided to put a stop to it with BottleLoft, the first magnetic bottle organizer for your fridge. With your bottles lofted up and out of the way, you can optimize your fridge space while always having easy access to a chilled beverage.

No Need for Headroom — The BottleLoft is great for those metal-capped drinks we all love, but if you’re working with a short shelf? Water bottles, wine, even salad dressing can max out your shelf height, leaving you leaning your bottles at random throughout the fridge. If you want to keep your vertically-inclined vessels organized in the fridge, look no further than the lowly binder clip. Once an ill-favored office supply necessity, the binder clip has found new life in the frosty air of your fridge. Two on either side of the wire rack creates a sturdy anchor to build your water bottle pyramid to once unthinkable heights. Well, at least as high as your shelf allows.

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