Is your apartment’s bedroom feeling a bit bleak? It’s not your fault, you’re busy and decorating always gets pushed to the back of your priorities. That’s why we’re here to help with five easy ideas to spruce up your bedroom in no time flat.

Pull the rug out
Have you ever seen a rug that looked too beautiful to walk on? Well, don’t! Your bedroom is a great place to hang an ornamental rug or tapestry. Hanging is easy and you avoid the framing costs that come along with paintings or posters. Your bedroom will look great and your bank account will thank you.

Throw on a throw
A throw can change you bed from a functional piece of furniture to a fashionable centerpiece. Class it up with some elegant earth tones at the end of your bed or go for a pop of color and texture with a vibrant patterned throw. Pull off the clean look with a crisp uniform fold or match your artistic surroundings with a creative drape over the edge. No matter your style, you’ll love the added appeal of a throw in your bedroom.

Headboard or bulletin board?
Large headboards used to be a necessity for poorly insulated rooms, but nowadays they’re more of a statement piece. Make a bold statement by decorating your headboard like a bulletin board. Use some wall-friendly adhesive to post pictures of your friends and family, drawings, magazine articles— just about anything you can think of to create a funky collage that’s unique to you.

Lean with it
Got canvas you’ve been meaning to hang? Skip it! Leaning a painting or poster against the wall on your bedside table or desk creates a custom backdrop for your own table top scene. Show off your Himalayan sea salt candle holders on a soothing mountain background or pose your collectable Star Wars figures in an otherworldly space-scape. It’s a great way show off your style and you can always reconfigure your scene to keep your bedroom looking fresh.

Compartmentalize your nightstand
Starting off the day organized can make all the difference. Make sure your daily essentials are exactly where you left them with a bedside tray. Many home accessory retailers are already jumping on the trend, offering a wide variety of options, but don’t be afraid to DIY. An old school lunch tray or painter’s palette work great and lend a quirky vibe to a funky apartment.

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